Plasma Pen Therapies

Here at Plasma Pen Australia we are committed to you having the best possible results. Consults are free and can be done via email or skype if required.  Please see my list below and feel free to contact me with any further inquiries or bookings.


Saggy Eyelid Therapy

1 session is all that is generally needed to lift that stubborn irritating saggy skin we seem to inherit as we get older. Soft-Surgery, no need for a Blepharoplasty and hospital stay.

Plasma Pen in just one sitting can lift that skin and have you feeling and looking not so tired.


The results are in our technique combined with PhiLings Academy knowledge and take home products (included)



Under Eye Crows Feet

Under Eye Crows Feet

Under Eye Deep Crows Feet



Combined with 2-4 sessions of Micro/Skin Needling beforehand - Amazing Results